Don’t be offended when I refer to you as a breadcrumb

Last April I wrote:

I believe blessings come in abundance, they are in the crevices of every place you are, or waiting for you in the places you should be. Sometimes maybe they are aligned like breadcrumbs, taking you to those places… not necessarily at a 180 degree angle, possibly on more of an uneven terrain, down a few slippery slopes and up steep hills..

I believe blessings come in abundance, but we have to be prepared for those slippery slopes and steep hills… if we fall down the slippery slope and give up, we’ll never find the next breadcrumb.

I wrote this around the time I met you, life works in full circles.

I knew you were a season. And given that I’m from the midwest, you’d think I’d be accustomed to sudden and drastic change, especially when I was prepared for it.

Don’t be offended when I refer to you as a breadcrumb.

I am grateful that our paths cross, and maybe they will again. I think what hurts the most is that I lost my friend. I try not to be possessive in life, because I don’t own anyone, just grateful for who and what I was blessed to experience.

we were supposed to meet.

you pulled my head out of my ass and asked “why not?” to the endless possibilities I’d usually turn down out of fear. You told me I was brilliant, intelligent. And I’ve heard that before…I knew it. I know it. But I never thought the parts of me that people couldn’t see were. I showed them to you, and you thought even more of me. You’ve taught me it’s okay to be vulnerable, to express yourself.

I leaned on you during what still feels like the hardest month in my life, and you welcomed me in with open arms. I haven’t felt like myself in so long that I became comfortable with who I was with you. I was stepping outside of my comfort zone, reading books I didn’t know existed that helped me imagine my wildest dreams and think about the manifestation of these dreams, where I could experience them in my reality not just my mind.

I guess what I’m saying is you were a tasty breadcrumb and I’m grateful for what I learned from you.

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