Michelle Obama taught me that everyone has a story. Well I knew that, but she taught me the importance of sharing yours. You never know who is listening, you never know who needs to hear it. I want to tell my story for 2 reasons. 1. Eventually I’ll be able to afford a therapist, but until then- trying to figure myself out. 2. IDK, maybe it’ll help someone else- all I ever read about are memoirs of celebrities, and how they made it, or read about them humanizing themselves cus people often forget that people in the lime light, people making billions of dollars are- well.. human. I get that. I appreciate Isa Rae for awkward Black girl, because finally, I feel seen. But awkward black girls have to keep writing, keep story telling because their story is unlike any other’s. Me for example, I was literally, physically built to stand out, but most of my life I have done everything possible to fit in. I’ve done what I’m supposed to do. Decent grades, student athlete, college, grad school, job. It took me a little longer to decide what I thought.. think I want to do, but here I am.

Michelle Obama’s book Becoming – yes, I will be referring to her at least 3-4 more times- triggered this word for me. Becoming. Every day in becoming more of me I am unbecoming who I once was, things I once believed in. As a teacher, I have already accepted that I will be a life long learner- which is simultaneously exhausting and exhilarating. So here I am, working to master the art of story telling, becoming, unraveling, learning and unlearning. 

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