Forgot to post this before 2020…

I had no idea what 2019 had in store for me. I’m not a psychic so that’s normal. But.. I wasn’t expecting to feel everything at once… but we made it. I say we because this wasn’t a solo mission, I talked to God this year more than I have ever acknowledged him before. He’s always been there, we’ve always been cool. But this year he became my #1 friend. It’s like Snapchat.. reveals your top 6 friends, at the top is who you talk to the most. God has worked his way to the top, it’s not a smiley face emoji it’s a yellow heart, because it’s mutual. Jesus loves me this I know.

I’ve read, studied, learned who I am. I pray this year I begin to manifest my hearts deepest desires.

I’ve adapted the obvious information. That this is the only life I will have…

I’m not worried about any positions I didn’t get, He’s gonna bless me in other ways

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