Just thinking about what this quote means to me.

How I value myself is so important in regards to my experience in life.

How I value myself will teach others how to value me

If I am my best thing then I will treat me as such
I will handle myself with care
I will protect me at all costs
I will be selective with who I allow to hold me

Don’t think this means I am fragile
My heart is heavy but only because it is filled with love.
My skin is thick and callused because sometimes people don’t love the same way I do

Sometimes love means leaving
Sometimes it means overstaying your welcome

I’ve learned that letting go is fine,

It’s okay to be alone.
I can hold myself
I can protect myself
I am my best thing
I’ll shine myself✨DCDAB9C4-37EC-47B1-96D9-B52F7EC299AA

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