I really had to learn to live by these 4 agreements. Agree that these are non-negotiables.

Be impeccable with your word. I believe in speaking things into existence. Therefore, words have power. The ones you speak to others as well as the ones you say to yourself. Author Al Walker once said, AL Walker, the most important words we will ever utterer the words we will say to ourselves, about ourselves, and when we are by ourselves. During these conversations, we can beat ourselves up and make ourselves feel really small.. or we can learn, and build ourselves up so we can become better.

Don’t take anything personally. Reading this was the beginning of the death of my ego. In putting yourself first.. it’s also important to be humble, have humility and understand that not everything that happens in this world is happening to you, for you, or because of you.

Don’t make assumptions. Not my first time hearing it. We have all heard of “it makes an ASS out of U & ME. When you assume, you are crafting a fictitious narrative, you are also generating and attracting unnecessary anxieties. I would almost call this self-sabotage. Think about the power of assumption and the actions and thoughts it produces. Assuming could also delay actions… how many moves were not made because of the doubt brought on by your assumptions?

As a former student athlete and a coach, All I have ever been expected was to do my best. And I have required that same expectation to my players. No coach, no player, wants to lose. But there is ease in knowing that every player was out there giving all they had. I think that’s the same thing with life. If you look at it in this sense then no, there are really no loses. If you gave everything you had, then you gained. Be it experience. Maybe even respect from a teammate or the opposing teammate. With this mindset you either win or you learn. If you’re really sharp, then you can do both.

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