Always feeling underpaid, undervalued, because my time is invaluable. No career will ever be able to write me a check that is worth the limited time I have on this earth, and I think that’s why I resent the workforce so much; it’s audacity to put a price on someone’s time and energy.  

And it’s scary how quickly it can all change.

Your job.

Your life.

Your love.

Your family.

In a world filled with constant variables and change, am I wrong for going crazy as I’m confined to these 4 walls, 5 out of 7 days of the week? Am I wrong for wondering what good is a good life that keeps you from the ones you love, from the world around us. I’ve been thinking a lot about boxes, and checking them. How playing by the rules, gets you nowhere but where others want you to be. There is no freedom in these 4 walls, be it a classroom you’re teaching in or another box you’re checking off. 

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