Be a lady

In my 25th year around the sun I pray to become spiritually connected with God with myself. I pay to relieve myself of societal pressures and strip myself of insecurities, for they hold me back from my potential. I pray my value exceeds my potentiality. I pray for the strength I will need to navigate through this crazy life I did not ask to be born into and yet, am eternally grateful for I have experienced a surplus amount of love thus far in life. As my cup overflows I pray to cry tears of joy from what is spilt praying it rolls like thunder into the cup of another. I pray for reciprocity, that I am able to touch another with my words, shared experiences and influence them to share their own experiences and knowledge with another.

Praying for patience, for growth. Love: giving and receiving. I am thankful for all in have been given all that I experience and all that will come my way. I have confidence that the confluence of those perceived as both bad and good alike, mold me into who God placed me on this Earth to be.

I want to value my time: With people I choose to enter my life, with learning the word of God and sharing my knowledge, I must first believe my experience, my knowledge is worth sharing.

how does it feel to be your own impediment? Your harshest critic. Everyone is rooting for you, now it’s your turn.

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