If I’m right back where I started, have I gotten anywhere? Or is everything I’ve ever wanted or maybe deep down needed …right where my journey began?

There is great irony in moving home jobless, slightly hopeless only for the unknowing position of your dreams to find you.

I believe blessings come in abundance, they are in the crevices of every place you are, or waiting for you in the places you should be. Sometimes maybe they are aligned like breadcrumbs, taking you to those places… not necessarily at a 180 degree angle, possibly on more of an uneven terrain, down a few slippery slopes and up steep hills..

I believe blessings come in abundance, but we have to be prepared for those slippery slopes and steep hills… if we fall down the slippery slope and give up, we’ll never find the next breadcrumb.

I believe blessings come in abundance and just because you don’t see them or feel their presence doesn’t mean they aren’t there or that they’re hiding. They’re waiting for your readiness. The only problem is that they don’t wait forever… you have to be ready for your blessings.

It is hard for me to come to terms with where I am … and how it just may be exactly where I am supposed to be. Yet, I find comfort in imagining God in heaven looking over me laughing at my attempts to make plans for myself when he is intentionally and continuously placing me where I can perhaps, finally discover my purpose in life.

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