In my feelings

Why does being sensitive always come off as a bad way to be? How come I can’t blast sappy music without it being called “in my feelings?” The problem with these negative connotations intertwined with being sensitive is that it also builds this “IDGAF” facade, disallowing people the desire to express that they do have feelings. Whether it is toward a person, a place or a thing. Yes, we’re talking nouns. I feel nouns at an entirety. I tell myself “it’s fine. I’m fine.” But I guarantee you, it’s not fine. I’m not fine.

However, sometimesyou do have to fight those feelings, speak good thoughts and positive affirmations into existence.

But it’s okay to feel…it’s okay to not be happy all the time. If we were, we wouldn’t understand nor, know how to overcome adversity. We wouldn’t have a connection with God. We’d start believing that we are entitled to all good things coming our way because that is all we have ever known. This roller coaster of a life, builds character, and it is okay to scream while also enjoying the experience.

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