I am not my sister’s keeper


I think I am so hell-bent on being a mentor because I feel like I was never that for my own sister. We are the exact opposite and yet the exact same. I think my sister is me if I ever learned how to voice myself. Voice my lack of desire or discontent. Everything I did growing up was done because it’s what I thought I had to do. I guess my sister just has more courage and confidence than I do.

Howevermy lack of confidence shall be saved for another blog post. I just wish I could help her, be the guiding light she needs. But sometimes I feel that I need pieces of her in me!?? Every night I pray that even if it is not me, she finds someone or something that inspires her. Life just isn’t worth living without sense of belonging or having a purpose… Some days I worry about her, other days I say it’s just a phase. A long ass phase. Today I put it in God’s hands. Aside from love, support and to encourage her. There isn’t much I feel I can do.

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