Church notes on “failure”

….If you had power, what would you need me for?

Failure is an event, not a destiny. This is good news because we all fail sooner or later. If we are honest, we all fail over and over again. It is not our initial failure that ruins us, it’s what we do next after the failure that causes life to matter. Failure does not mean that you have blown everything it means you have hard lessons to learn. It doesn’t mean you are a permanent loser, it means you’re not as smart as you thought you were. This Doesn’t mean you should give up it means you need god to show you the next step. It doesn’t mean God has it out for you …it means he has a plan for you.

Plans to prosper you not to harm you


I started writing this on 12/30/18 found it in my drafts, 10/31/19… 3 days after I didn’t get the position I planned the next 5 years of my life around..

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