Total Appreciation

Have you ever gotten an MRI and looked at the scans of your brain, skull or spine? For the past 25 years, I have been going through life assuming my invincibility. Seeing these scans, hearing I have Multiple Sclerosis, which is referred to as a “disease,” is humbling to say the least.

On my birthday I declared that 25 would be the year of comfort. and turns out, that’s exactly what the doctor ordered… literally. Initially when I thought about comfort I channeled “self-care.” I.e facials, massages, candles, books and wine. As I near 4 months of 25, my perception of comfort has switched up a bit. This is not saying that I’m not spending my Friday nights wearing face masks watching Grey’s Anatomy… it means that I am working on becoming comfortable in my own skin…becoming comfortable with who I am…I pray that this comfort transforms into confidence.

I’m not saying my diagnoses is a good thing, but it has taught me to value myself, my time, what I put into my body, my life in general. I laid in bed for a week unable to move after my spinal tap. I never wanted to work out so badly. I don’t ever want it to take the loss of something to give it value. And that is the mindset I desire to move through life with. Total appreciation.

I’m currently reading Rhoda Byrne’s The Magic which is a lot like The Secret. Byrnes teaches gratitude… Manifestation…what I find interesting about books like these is that the Universe is used as a spiritual and non-religious way to talk about God. But we’ll get into that in another post… Byrne talks about Gratitude… Overlooking everyday things so much that we forget they are blessings. I’m rambling.. but, God is so good.


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