I’ve been watching a lot of sermons on Youtube this week.. Pastor Steve Furtick and Mike Todd have been the first voices I hear in the morning and the last at night.

Pastor Stevie talked about how people use the Bible as a resource vs. a relationship with God. Which made me think about the people I have had in my life that I feel only show when they need something. Whether it is money, a ride or a job reference. Is this not the same as how many of us approach the Bible? Forming a relationship with someone means that you’ll never have to run to them for help because you’re already covered, they’re already there. Building your relationship with God is the same, you are constantly talking to him, constantly reading the Bible, applying his word to your everyday life.

However, the difference between God and a human being is that his love is unconditional. I’ve been listening to Mark Batterson’s if: Trading your if only Regrets for God’s What if Possibilities, he says, “His love is unconditional, there is nothing you can do for God to love you more of less. Everything we do accentuates his love.”

I don’t think this means you can walk through life raising hell, and still meet him at the gates of heaven after you die. I think it means God is waiting on you to love him back. Pastor Todd always says God is a gentleman and won’t go where he is not invited…While there are times when we have to love people from afar..

You don’t want to be that friend who comes around when you need something… so consider that with God. Build your relationship before a situation comes up, that way you don’t have to start your prayer with, “God, I know it’s been a long time but…”

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