The vulgar title caught my attention

I finished this book about a week ago (ayeee🤪), initially didn’t know how I felt about it. I think it was because this lady who I didn’t know, who excessively used swear words with a slightly annoying voice (audiobook), told me how to live my life.. how to believe in myself and my dreams…how to treat myself… hell, she told me how to talk to myself..⁣


In my humble and retrospective opinion, I have found that the things we need to hear are the hardest to digest, the hardest to accept. ⁣


And it is quite possible that if she said all of these things in a nice, polite, subtle manner… I would have ran through this book and made a bland ig post without a second thought. ⁣


Sounds strange but I think the best thing about this book is that she didn’t end it saying, “And this is how I figured out life.” She’s still going through it like the rest of us. We 💛 an authentic, personable writer. After all, it was the title that drew me in… maybe my subconscious knew this one was going to hit home. ⁣


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