Comparison is the thief of Joy

I find myself looking at those inspiring videos of people who were born with birth defects, mentally and physically just to cry out of happiness for them and the liberation they have found within what outsiders would consider a restriction or confinements. I realized I do this to remind myself that.. it could be worse. So I will stop throwing pitty parties because my Multiple Sclerosis could be paralyzing me or I could lose sight in both of my eyes, not just one.

Everyone has been told to not compare themselves to other people, and I always thought it meant don’t look at someone who has something and wonder why you don’t have it too or think they’re better than you because they have whatever it is that you are fixated on.

But I think maybe I’ve been going about this all wrong. Maybe I shouldn’t be thinking of how it could be worse. I’m allowed to feel, I’m allowed to hurt in my own lane in the same way I am allowed to grow and heal in the space I choose.

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