all about love

I don’t know how to explain this… yesterday I randomly watched letters to Juliet… by the ned of the movie I was bawling. It brought out my yearning for love and to be loved, even though the love Sophie and Charlie fell in love… I never felt that connection between them… it was Charlie’s nana and her longing for her Long lost love that struck me, I think overall that is what inspired Sophie and Charlie to seek a deeper love than what they already knew, and the beauty of that is indescribable. After watching this movie, I sat outside and tried to write about this experience I just encountered. I re-wrote Sophies letter about how apart what and if are just words but how when you put them next to each other, they hold so much power… what if.. I closed my laptop and decided to let that marinate for a bit.

Fast forward to 4 am,

My cramps leaving me restless…still thinking about love.. wanted to read something, both of the books I was getting into were downstairs, so I flip my lights on and the first book I see is All about Love by bell hooks. I have had this book for quite some time. A few days ago, my friend recommended it to me, so maybe I was subconsciously attracted to it. Or maybe I generated this attracted of finding love, and that is why it appeared so vividly. Regardless of what brought me here, I am basking in the energy of alignment that I am feeling, how this book is everything I needed in this very moment. All I read was the introduction and for now I feel that received the energy I was yearning for. I like opening books at times when I need them, even if I don’t finish them in that exact moment. I like opening books I have opened before to read things I have already read excuse every time I read them I see something different. If we are growing, evolving everyday, there are shifts, even if minuscule, in our perspectives. So why would we continue to see the same meaning behind the same story. The story doesn’t change, the perspective of the person reading it does. What your heart wants to get out of it, is what you will receive. Reading about love this morning was so beautiful to me.

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