Within You

God made earth before humans. Everything we could want or need has been provided.

The earth, the moon, the sun, the grass, streams, animals. Genesis chapter 1:1-26 shows us just that. God’s manifestation of this world before placing us here. And when we were brought here, he used the rib from one (Adam), to make another (Eve). This shows that maybe, just maybe, we aren’t alone in this big world, maybe we do need one another to survive. Yeah, we all have our own journey, but along the way we meet people who in their own form, help us get to where we are meant to be. Even if it is only in retrospect that we see the purpose and intention of the person’s presence in our lives. He even made us in his image, so we have pieces of him within every part of us. I think about all the old sayings that I’ve ever heard or been told. And how they’ve transformed into guidance of how to live, how to think, how to be. I think they further support my argument that everything we could ever want or need has already been provided. It’s within the application of our knowledge… what we do with what we have—if we even use it at all. Sometimes it’s not even poor application its forgetting what you have because you’re always searching for something outside of yourself… as if you’re not enough. As if, God didn’t prepare you.

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