Think the cheese grater at Olive Garden, or when you ask your friend to fill up your wine glass. You are told to say “when,” when you want them to stop. When you have received the amount, you’ve wanted.

Let’s apply this.

Do you ever say “when” to yourself? Whether you’re taking on too many projects, or your overwhelmed by people in your life. Think about if you don’t say “when” while your friend fills up your glass of wine… it’ll overflow. You overflow and suddenly you’re drowning in work or being suffocated by people who are draining your energy.

Before we learn when to say when, we must create standards, expectations, requirements. We must draw a line for how much we are willing to handle; and set limitations and boundaries. This way, we don’t lose ourselves in the process of doing for others. Therefore, we say when. The boundaries and standards you set for yourself not only help you in the long run, but they set a guideline, showing others how to treat you—what you will and will not allow.

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