I think I’ve been looking at Bloom Where you are Planted wrong this entire time. Suddenly, I don’t feel like there’s anything wrong with constantly being around family, having one of my own. I think deep down that’s what I’ve always wanted. This would explain why I cry during proposals, weddings, happy endings in general. The first time I left home, I was seeking the next stage of me; who I could be without a basketball in my hand. The second time, I think I was running away from what now feels like everyone I loved. Partially, I think I had a debt to settle with Atlanta. Then the other half of me was running away. I’m starting to believe that I don’t want this easy life I claim to desire. I don’t want that feeling of complacency; all my life I’ve had this voice inside telling me I’m meant for more than the life I’m creating. Silencing this voice for short term comfort invited long term unsettlement.

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