Decide & Commit.

The whole reason I moved here was to remind myself I am more than competent. I wanted to put myself in a situation that would make me rise to the occasion. Winners win, quitters quit. If I go home now, I would be drawing the white flag.

I’ve always been overwhelmed by all that life has to offer, I think about the way you shouldn’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry, or when you order everything off the menu when you eat out because it all sounds delicious, only to find out your eyes were bigger than your stomach (yes it’s lunchtime).

That’s been me with life; never chose just one shirt, I’d buy both so that way I wouldn’t be making the wrong decision.

I’ve carried these habits over to the real world. Except now this habit has generated into anxiety, where in the process of debating which is better, which is worse and all the what-ifs, I’ve worried myself based on fictional outcomes!

So often I’ve downplayed the power of a thought, the power of my mind. This emanated from the fear of facing adversities and failures. I’ve given more power and focus to the what-ifs than to my will to fight for the life I deserve.

This cycle will continue until I decide and commit.

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