I need to fail at something. Every podcast, every sermon, every book condones failing. And if I’m being honest with myself, I really haven't failed at anything I’ve gone the extra mile for. That’s usually my hype, what keeps me going. Not necessarily a bad thing. Until you realize everything you’ve gone for was already … Continue reading

Teaching the course Technology and Society means I have the pleasure of keeping up with and sharing latest technologies with my students. I am amazed by the advancement of Ai and currently figuring out the most productive way to introduce Canva features such as MagicWrite and programs like ChatGPT without promoting cheating. Back in MY … Continue reading

Several times I’ve heard,  “You’re supposed to interview them as much as they are you.” Within my job search I’ve noticed nothing really sounds right… so I switched up the platform and my resume (countless times). I’m coming to the conclusion that maybe it’s not the spaces I put myself in, it's not the job. … Continue reading

Tonight I think about the promises I made and broke to myself. The boxes I checked didn't end up meaning much. The Job I craved that wasn’t what it was cracked up to be. Breadcrumbs. I have to see these things as breadcrumbs. If I don’t then they win. The actions and results that make … Continue reading

Decide & Commit.

The whole reason I moved here was to remind myself I am more than competent. I wanted to put myself in a situation that would make me rise to the occasion. Winners win, quitters quit. If I go home now, I would be drawing the white flag. I've always been overwhelmed by all that life … Continue reading Decide & Commit.