Several times I’ve heard,  “You’re supposed to interview them as much as they are you.” Within my job search I’ve noticed nothing really sounds right… so I switched up the platform and my resume (countless times). I’m coming to the conclusion that maybe it’s not the spaces I put myself in, it's not the job. … Continue reading

Tonight I think about the promises I made and broke to myself. The boxes I checked didn't end up meaning much. The Job I craved that wasn’t what it was cracked up to be. Breadcrumbs. I have to see these things as breadcrumbs. If I don’t then they win. The actions and results that make … Continue reading

Decide & Commit.

The whole reason I moved here was to remind myself I am more than competent. I wanted to put myself in a situation that would make me rise to the occasion. Winners win, quitters quit. If I go home now, I would be drawing the white flag. I've always been overwhelmed by all that life … Continue reading Decide & Commit.