Trying out this Magic Write feature on Canva. 2X I asked the same question, “How to best overcome your fears.” Twice I asked, and both times, received a different response. It’s just all… is easier said than done. So many times I’ve heard what you focus on is what you give your power to… and that focus gives whatever it is strength. I think I’ve applied so much of my focus to my fears, and that gave them the power to consume every part of me. The parts that want me to want better and more for myself, are also the parts that maybe I don’t deserve that or maybe I’ll never reach the potential because how crazy is it to want everything? To always want things to go your way? How crazy is it to never want people to leave? To fear that within their absence, they’re forgetting you, living better without you? Fear of missing out. I could go on about my laundry list of fears but the worst part is that I don’t know if they’ve left room to let anything or anyone else in. And that’s why they have to die. My ego… my fears.. they have to go.

My future.. our future, is counting on it.

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  1. Fears often tend to take over and rule our life. I notice it more the older I get. I think the older we get the more we have to lose and that makes our fear worse. It’s definitely easier said than done but you just have to learn to tune out the fear. At least in my experience, it doesn’t ever fully go away. You just have to learn to co-exist with it.

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    1. I agree! I believe there are fears you learn to co-exist with and channel their energy for good, and then there are the ones we have to learn to overcome vs. allowing them to old you back. Adulting is complicated aha

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