Teaching the course Technology and Society means I have the pleasure of keeping up with and sharing latest technologies with my students. I am amazed by the advancement of Ai and currently figuring out the most productive way to introduce Canva features such as MagicWrite and programs like ChatGPT without promoting cheating. Back in MY day we didn’t have the same access to Chromebooks or cellphones in the classroom… while these gadgets and Ai features are incredible in terms of our world’s technological advancement, as educators… where and how do we draw the line in young minds when it comes to using these as resources to support students vs. doing the work for them? And then this begs the question, in the workforce, we hear “work smarter not harder.” If the education system is setting kids up for the future…, should we as educators be teaching students this same mindset?

I’m learning it’s hard to fight for the fundamentals of education in this Information age that’s coated with instant gratification, accessibility, and constant updates.

While I plan to support students in working WITH programs such as ChatGPT to help increase their knowledge and usability of new technologies and available resources, I’m thinking… handwritten essays.  

Signed, 2nd year teacher on the verge of losing belief in education system

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