I think I’ve been looking at Bloom Where you are Planted wrong this entire time. Suddenly, I don’t feel like there’s anything wrong with constantly being around family, having one of my own. I think deep down that’s what I’ve always wanted. This would explain why I cry during proposals, weddings, happy endings in general. … Continue reading

Decide & Commit.

The whole reason I moved here was to remind myself I am more than competent. I wanted to put myself in a situation that would make me rise to the occasion. Winners win, quitters quit. If I go home now, I would be drawing the white flag. I've always been overwhelmed by all that life … Continue reading Decide & Commit.

The difference between those who do and those who don't is the result. Those who do are crazy enough to believe they can. Confident enough to take that unbeaten path and face the giants that in the end will make you stronger. Anything easy isn't worth having. Anything worth having doesn't come without resistance. God … Continue reading

I am in love with this era of “that girl,” “a day in the life,” "Get ready with me,” and reels…just the overall glamorization of life. We deserve it. I remember there was a time when the conversation was how inauthentic social media was… After 2020… we all just wanted to romanticize our life… not … Continue reading